SAMH Corporate Video – Love Never Fails

Anchored in God’s unfailing love, St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) and Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) have been faithfully reaching out to the community to bring healing and the relief of suffering for the last 110 and 56 years respectively.

From the very beginning, love has been the driving force behind all we do.

As the number of services continue to grow, love remains as their motivation to help those in need find comfort and hope amidst life’s challenges.

With 41 service centres by 2024, your gift of love to SAMH and SACS will make a lasting impact as you partner us in our mission of bringing hope and healing to those in need. Donate via…/doingeverythinginlove

In the following SAMH corporate video, our very own Toby Mosalle and his father Zachary are featured from 3:14-3:55