Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

SAMS CCA Modules Overview

At SAMS, Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) modules play a pivotal role in providing a comprehensive education to every student. Conducted every Monday for a duration of 90 minutes, these modules cater to students from Primary 3 to 5.

Key Objectives of CCA Modules:

● Discovering interests and passion
● Building character and instilling values
● Practising socio-emotional competencies
● Developing a sense of belonging and commitment
● Cultivating a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Through CCAs, students discover their talents and passions. CCAs also provide platforms for students to develop their character, inculcate values into their learning experiences, develop social-emotional competencies, and other relevant skills to prepare them ahead. CCAs bring students from various backgrounds together. By interacting with one another, students can build teamwork, develop friendships and deepen their sense of belonging to the school and community. Comprising six diverse areas – Rugby, Cub Scouts, STEM Club, ICT Club, Art Club, and Drama Club – these modules offer students a platform to hone skills, embrace values, discover talents, and develop leadership capabilities. They also contribute to the management of students; learning, emotional well-being, social integration, interactions, and physical health.

CCA 1: Rugby

Rugby, known for its physicality and strategic gameplay, is introduced to promote camaraderie, communication, collaboration, and physical fitness. SAMS Rugby CCA aims to develop character, confidence, and resilience, emphasizing values such as Love, Integrity, Growth, Honour, and Teamwork (L.I.G.H.T.).

CCA 2: Cub Scouts

SAMS Cub Scouts, part of the International Scouting Movement, focus on life skills, building friendships, and fostering active citizenship. Through the CCA sessions, scouts learn navigation, basic first aid, and team bonding, all while upholding the Scout Promise and Law.

CCA 3: STEM Club

SAMS STEM Club engages students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through hands-on experiments and activities. Members have the opportunity to earn Young Scientist Badges, fostering a passion for STEM from an early age.

CCA 4: ICT Club

SAMS Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Club focuses on equipping students with coding knowledge using the “Scratch” tool, encouraging creativity and positive changes. This tech-savvy club explores the world of technology beyond the classroom, fostering innovation and collaboration.

CCA 5: Art Club

SAMS Art Club introduces Saints to Acrylic Painting and various global art styles. Through creative expression and experimentation, members develop independence and confidence in their artistic endeavours.

CCA 6: Drama

SAMS Drama Club immerses students in emotional and sensory expressions, enhancing acting skills through interactive exercises. Benefits include confidence building, creativity development, empathy cultivation, new friendships, teamwork, and improved communication skills.


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