PE, Art & Music

The PE, Art and Music programmes in SAMS seek to support a more holistic learning experience for the students, providing opportunities to develop a deeper appreciation for Art and Music, as well as exposure to healthy and active living practices in PE. All these can come together to develop well regulated students, striving to be role models in each of their areas of strengths, and contributing meaningfully to the community.

Physical Education (PE)

The PE programme aims to bring joy to our students as they develop fundamental movement skills across the various learning areas namely, games and sports, gymnastics, outdoor education, dance, physical health and fitness. Through the activities, they are able to build confidence and resilience as they work towards personal excellence in the skills taught. It is also a platform where they can practise teamwork, show love and care, build on one another’s ideas, applaud and encourage efforts. With the right attitude and aptitude towards a healthy and active lifestyle, the students will be able to take responsibility for their own physical and mental health.


The art programme offers a creative platform for self-expression. Students are able to communicate their choices, ideas, experiences, thoughts and emotions through the use of visual qualities like elements of art and principles of design. There are opportunities for the students to be aware of others’ perspectives, collaborate with one another and develop critical thinking through art-making, art discussions and appreciation of art. Students are taught to use various art materials, tools, media and techniques while going through the exploration, engagement, execution and expansion of the art processes. These activities also help students to think more responsibly while making choices.



The program in SAMS focuses on music appreciation, rhythm and movement. Music is a universal language which connects the hearts and minds of all. Through the programme, students are able to listen and respond, perform and create music. Movement is also included to arouse students’ interest and motivation during music lessons. Basic music and movement elements have been known to support self-regulation, helping students to be more regulated and readier to learn. With time, we hope our students will be able to bring joy, through music, to those around them, especially their families and community.


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