Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Information Communication & Technology (ICT)

In line with Special Education Branch (SEB-MOE) directions, SAMS’ ICT curricular goal aims to grow our students into a future-ready and responsible digital learner where ICT skills are effectively applied to their living, learning, and working activities. The ICT programme aims to groom our students into being responsible 21st century digital learners as they apply relevant ICT skills in their immediate environments.

Through explicit and structure teaching, SANS seeks to:

  • Engage students effectively by infusing digital skills in the classroom;
  • Equip students with at least basic ICT skills for applications such as Microsoft Office as well as cyber wellness as students prepare for future learning and work opportunities in the future;
  • Empower students to be competent in current technology by teaching digital skills using the “Find, Think, Apply and Create” strategy.
  • To provide students with relevant e-competence across various subjects, so as to equip students to be digitally proficient with the skills that they have acquired in school.


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