National Day 2022

SAMS celebrated its first National Day on 8 August 2022.

The celebration started off with the solemn observance ceremony where a group of staff marched in with the both the National Flag as well as the SAMS’ school flag. The student representatives then led in the singing of the National Anthem and the recitation of the pledge with enthusiasm, exhibiting their pride as Singaporeans.

After the key points of the message from Minister of Education, Mr. Chan Chun Sing, were read to all present, students and staff participated eagerly in the ‘Dance of the Nation 2022’ and singing of this year’s theme song as well as some favourite community songs. Their spirits were high as they waved their self-made flags in the air, echoing in one voice and one rhythm.

The celebration continued as the students moved to the hall to put their physical ability to the test. They took turns rotating across five different stations, demonstrating the skills which they had learnt during PE lessons. It was so heartening to see the students cheering one another on, and participating as a team to complete the enjoyable activities planned at the five stations. Bravo students! The SAMS Games Day ended on a high note when all team members were awarded a trophy each for their collective effort and achievements for the day, thus affirming the school’s belief that every child is loved and treasured, and can work towards achieving their personal excellence.