Racial Harmony Day 2022

Racial Harmony Day was commemorated on the 21 July 2022 in SAMS. It was important for schools to teach our students from an early age, the importance of maintaining racial and religious harmony in Singapore’s multicultural and multi-ethnic society. The theme for this year’s Racial Harmony Day was ‘Our Multicultural Mosaic’. During the Assembly period that day, the significance of racial harmony was explained to students, with SAMS choosing to focus on the festivals and traditions practised by the main races in Singapore.

Parent volunteers from SAMS and St Andrew’s Junior School poured in much effort to collaborate and prepare four cultural booths, namely Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan, to provide our students with the enriching experience of understanding the cultures of the different races. Some examples included trying out Chinese calligraphy (which was commonly used to write couplets for Chinese New Year) as well as making rhythmic sounds with the ‘kompang’, which was an instrument often used during Malay weddings and functions. Students and staff were also encouraged to come dressed in other ethnic costumes to spice up the celebratory mood! To round up the learning for the day, SAMS’ school values of Love, Honour and Teamwork were also weaved in and reinforced through other learning activities conducted in the classrooms by teachers that day.