International Friendship Day 2022

SAMS celebrated the International Friendship Day (IFD) on 8 April 2022. Through the celebration activities, our students were encouraged to respect and honour one another’s differences, thus paving the way to be able to collaborate and work together with different people, to contribute actively to society in future.

The celebratory mood was heightened when the staff and students arrived in school dressed in different international costumes that day. It was also the very first project which SAMS parent volunteers had embarked on. They went to great lengths to prepare the booths for the event, which included showcasing food items, musical instruments, currencies and clothing items from some ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand). The kind involvement of the parent volunteers from St. Andrew’s Junior School truly demonstrated the spirit of ‘One Family Unbroken’, and SAMS very much appreciated their efforts to provide our students with such an enriching experience learning about the ASEAN countries.